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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Row Robin

I am really stepping out of my comfort zone this year.  I joined a Row Robin at the QuiltingBoard.com.  We were assigned our groups in December with 5 members to a group.  I have been teamed up with an amazing group of ladies who are all so talented and helpful.  :) 

How does a Quilting Row Robin work?  First, you pick a theme for your quilt, I chose Springtime/Gardening.  You sew your first row which has to be 12.5 x 60.5 when complete.  You do have 2 months to complete each row.  Our first deadline for row 1 was Feb 20th.  You had to have to the next person by this date. Now whoever gets your row will create row 2, with the same dimensions, using your theme.  Once the complete their row they will sew it to the row that is already there.  I also included sashing strips to be sewed in between each row.  Once done they send your quilt to the next person. 

The quilt row theme that I received from someone else, after completing and mailing mine, is "Jewels".  OMG, what gorgeous colors!  So I have already purchased the fabric and it washed and pressed. Picking the fabric for this one was so much fun.  I have designed out the row, now I just need to start sewing.  I will need to be done with this row and have it mailed by April 20th.  The next quilt I will receive I will be adding row # 3 and their theme is "Mardi Gras".  The last two quilts I receive before getting mine back are a "Southwest" theme and a "Favorite Things" theme.  The Favorite Things quilt will be each person who works on the quilts favorite things.  I will post as I add to every one's quilt.  Below you will find pictures of the row I did for my quilt Springtime in the Garden

Closeup of end blocks
Row 1 - Springtime in the Garden

Quilt Label for back


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing your row robbins develop as you go - sounds very exciting and alot of fun! Happy Stitching!

  2. Row Robbins are a great group project. Can't wait to see your finished quilt....

  3. Sounds like fun and looking good!


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