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Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Hexagons

What a great Saturday night, Dirty Dancing on t.v. and hexis!  Have had this project going for a while now.  No deadline so no real urgency to get it done.  Basted a bunch last night and snipped ends to get them all organized.  I am up to 350 hexis!  I honestly have no idea how many it will take as I haven't decided on a pattern.  At first I was thinking of a traditional Grandmother's Garden but I have seen so many great uses of hexis that I haven't decided yet.  I have done everything myself, to printing and cutting out the paper templates for each hexi and cutting the 2 inch squares.  Below is a little bit about my process. 

Pile of Hexis - I love all of my different fabric colors I am using.

Here is my 2 X 2 inch square that I cut.  I know I have seen people who use hexi cut fabric.  I have never tried this and it may work better.  For me it is easy to cut 2 inch squares and quickly baste the squares with the paper hexi.
I do print sheets of paper with rows of hexagons.  My hexi's all have 1 inch sides.
To start basting I fold two sides around one point, starting on the right side I pull the thread through to the back (paper side) and then go back up right by the spot I came through. Repeat at each point. 
I chain piece several on one piece of thread.  Here you can see the back and front when done basting.
All 350 Hexagons all neat in a row!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jewelry Making, sort of...

Thursday night I had the itch to do something.  So I decided to break out my jewelry making supplies and try my hand with some wire wrapping. 

First I did a pair of earrings for my daughter.  Now really they were pretty much already done, all you had to do is add the ear wires.  Nice thing about these is it only cost me $2 to make these.  If I would have bought them in the store completely put together it would have cost me a lot more.

Now for some fun with wire wrapping.  Please note this is the first time I have done this.  I still feel like I am all thumbs when holding the pliers, wire and beads.  I used 22 gauge silver plated wire and a straight pin for the bottom 2 beads.

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