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Monday, August 15, 2011

Row Robin

Mailed the quilt that I was working on for my Row Robin today.  Boop really let us do whatever we wanted to do. Our favorite block, color, theme,  etc. Everybody really took a queue from what she did for her first row, Betty Boop and blues.  I love the zig zag pattern I am seeing all over the place, really want to do a whole quilt with this pattern, so I decided to do this for my favorite block with her blue theme.

I think it turned out really well.

SNEAK PEEK...I have already received the next quilt I am to work on, got it on Saturday (this is the last one and then I get mine back). It is "Something Southwestern".  I have so many ideas for this row.  I took a snap shot of this great fabric that is already on the quilt.  I love it!  Such vibrant color.

This Friday is Friday Night Sew In.  Don't forget to sign up at Handmade by Heidi!

Handmade by Heidi

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