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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Row Robin - Southwest Theme

I did it!  I just finished my last quilt row for the 2011 Row Robin I was participating in.  Judy, the person's quilt I had, picked Southwest as her theme. 

When doing the row robin, the quilt top owner starts their quilt out with the first row and establishes their theme.  The send it to the next person in the circle.  We each add a row using their theme in our own interpetation.  Really gives you a chance to do something you might normally do and is a fun way to meet and make new friends.  We started this December 15, 2010 and we had to Feb 15th to finish the first row and send it on to the next person.  Each row is 12 X 60. 

This was definitely the best row I completed.  I am a pretty new quilter/sewer and I would have the darnest time getting everthing to measure up right.  I really took the time squaring up as I went along.  Each of my 12" blocks were 9 patch units.  I made sure that during each stage I trimmed and measured.  It takes a little longer but it is sure worth it! 

My only regret is that I didn't use a muted background fabric.  I love my row by itself but when I saw some of the other rows when I went to join my row seems a bit loud.  Oh well, it is a color celebration!

p.s. I should be getting my row back soon too, I will post pictures when I get it. :)

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