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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I have been working on these hexies for a while now.  Ok, maybe a long while! LOL  I love ALL hexagon quilts. Plus I really love the hand work.  I have not bought any paper hexagons or plastic templates.  I have printed and cut them all out by hand and I love it. 

I didn't want to create a traditional grandmother's garden.  I have been looking for a pattern that combined my love of hexies and applique.  I have found lots of great beautiful quilts that used both techniques but didn't want to do just a mirror copy. Quilts that inspire me on Pinterest. However, for a long time I thought that was what I was going to end up doing.

BUT, it finally hit me this morning!!!  The pattern just came to me.  I am now getting busy designing it before I forget it. :)  I am reenergized to start working on this and start seeing some results. 

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