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Friday, February 25, 2011

Knitted Neck Warmer

This was my first completed "real" knitted project.  I have done swatches and tried my hand at washcloths in the past but this was something new.  My mother-in-law has been asking me for months to make her a neck warmer.  Knowing my skill level, I seeked out the easiest knitting pattern I could find.  Wham Bam Thank You Lam Neck Warmer by Susan Chang is what I found.  It is available for free download at Ravelry.  Love Ravelry!

Even though the pattern was super simple I still managed to mess up in a few places.  I apparently slipped a stitch in 2 different places, which leaves a nice hole.  My intention was to crochet flowers and attach them over the holes.  However, after seaming the neck warmer the holes are not near each other and not in places that it would seem appropriate to have flowers.  Good news is the way you fold over the flaps it kind of covers itself.  I still really enjoyed making it.  I find knitting, crochet and hand embroidery to be so meditating for me.

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