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Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Hexagons

What a great Saturday night, Dirty Dancing on t.v. and hexis!  Have had this project going for a while now.  No deadline so no real urgency to get it done.  Basted a bunch last night and snipped ends to get them all organized.  I am up to 350 hexis!  I honestly have no idea how many it will take as I haven't decided on a pattern.  At first I was thinking of a traditional Grandmother's Garden but I have seen so many great uses of hexis that I haven't decided yet.  I have done everything myself, to printing and cutting out the paper templates for each hexi and cutting the 2 inch squares.  Below is a little bit about my process. 

Pile of Hexis - I love all of my different fabric colors I am using.

Here is my 2 X 2 inch square that I cut.  I know I have seen people who use hexi cut fabric.  I have never tried this and it may work better.  For me it is easy to cut 2 inch squares and quickly baste the squares with the paper hexi.
I do print sheets of paper with rows of hexagons.  My hexi's all have 1 inch sides.
To start basting I fold two sides around one point, starting on the right side I pull the thread through to the back (paper side) and then go back up right by the spot I came through. Repeat at each point. 
I chain piece several on one piece of thread.  Here you can see the back and front when done basting.
All 350 Hexagons all neat in a row!

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